About the Project

The goal of the ENARIS project is to spark interest for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in young students, aged 10 to 14, and to foster their technical knowledge in a playful way.

The involvement of teachers through a train-the-trainer approach ensures broad and sustainable dissemination. In addition, awareness of social, economic and technical aspects of artificial intelligence in the population (children, parents, apprentices, professionals, etc.) are increased through open and low-threshold offers.

During the project period, we train current and future teachers (student teachers) using a specially developed AI training system, who can then pass on this knowledge to schoolchildren and children.

An advisory board with the involvement of educational directors and various educational institutions in Austria and Hungary is intended to ensure more sustainable anchoring in terms of educational policy.

The following two areas form a special focus for the project:

  • Development of a modular training system that enables AI concepts to be conveyed to children at a young age.
  • Development and implementation of “AI-for-Everybody” workshops. The aim of these workshops is to provide as open and low-threshold access to the topic of AI as possible for everyone, in order to build understanding, knowledge and awareness of artificial intelligence in the general population.

Target group:
The target group is specifically teachers for the 10-14 age group with a focus on the rural regions of the Austrian-Hungarian Interreg program area.

Project duration: October 1st, 2020 – September 30th, 2022

Project partner:
Graz University of Technology
Austrian Computer Society (OCG)
Mobilis Science Center Györ

This project is funded by the programme Interreg V-A AT-HU.

The cooperation program Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary is a European funding program that strengthens cross-border cooperation in the border region in order to find solutions to common regional challenges.