As part of the ENARIS (Education and Awareness for Intelligent Systems) project, we want to rise interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in the general public and promote an informed and critical awareness of AI. Basic questions and methods of this technology, which affects more and more areas of our daily life, are dealt with in short playful units.

The ENARIS team at TU Graz therefore offers free mini workshops for young and old, which can be held in schools, community centers, shopping centers or on the main square. ENARIS would be happy to hold workshops in your location. Our goal is to ask interesting questions and present everyday phenomena related to the topic of artificial intelligence using playful and interactive approaches.

The workshops deal, for example, with questions about AI and work, AI and mobility or AI and art and show to what extent artificial intelligence already plays an essential role and what questions and risks arise from it.

Our free workshops last between 1.5 and 3 hours and can take place in your community from May 2022 on.

For registration, contact us: